Review: Plane Food by Gordon Ramsay

Airports are not generally know for the quality of their food, but like everything else at British Airway’s new Terminal 5 at Heathrow, the term ordinary doesn’t apply.

As one of the newest restaurants to sport the Gordon Ramsay badge, Plane Food is a pleasant alternative to the usual airport cafeteria fare. Located on the 3rd floor, nestled behind Harrods, its decor is both contemporary and comfortable, with views extending to both inside and outside the terminal.

Servers are formal, grey suits and ties, but the client dress code is casual; a must given how most people dress for travel. Service was precise and not rushed. Expect to spend 90 min on a full meal. If you’re worried about missing your flight, there is a flight information screen above the expansive main bar. They also offer a Plane Picnic alternative where they’ll bundle up food for your flight in a reusable carryall bag. The Picnic menu is varied and comparatively cheap – 3 Courses for £11.95.

The bread basket to start was warm and included a sweet butter. The beetroot and goat’s cheese salad with toasted walnut dressing (£7.50) was tasty but sparing. Pasta and risotto dishes come in both appetizer and main sizes. The wild mushroom oricchiette with smoked bacon and sage (£7.50/10.50) was very good and the white onion risotto with dolcelatte cheese and spring onions (£7.50/10.50) was excellent – a testament to why Ramsay grinds Hell’s Kitchen contestants about properly cooking Risotto. Both mains were generous portions for a fine dining restaurant and unfortunately we didn’t leave room for dessert.

They offer an extensive wine selection and of course you can browse and purchase a copy of Gordon’s books while you eat.

The menu is pricey but this is a Gordon Ramsay affair after all. It’s not Three Star Michelin but they do serve excellent food that’s a class above anything else you’ll find in an airport. If you’re looking for best value, try the Picnic option or go to the * Pret A Manger * on the 2nd level – great sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Open Monday-Sunday 5.30am – last flight (approx 9.30pm)

Contact Info:

 Plane Food

Terminal 5, Wellington Road, Heathrow Airport


T: 020 7592 7964


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